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Prologue 03

Freaks and Monsters
Chapter Three


Betrayal was nothing new to Juliette. From the friends who called her a freak when her powers manifested, to the coworkers who looked at her as a monster after David’s death. But this... this was something worse altogether. She... Liam... they’d been together for years now, almost from the moment they’d met. She’d truly believed he’d been the one for her, the only person on the planet who made her feel normal, not like the monster she was becoming. But to learn that he was the one turning her into a weapon? A sacrifice for more money... had he ever even cared about her? At all?

There was only one thing to do. She had to run as far away as she could as fast as possible. She wasn’t sure where she could go, but she had money enough to get her to another country. The Freaks reach went as far as the borders of Sim-Nation, but that was it. She could be safe from them as long as she was just out of reach, right? Oh Watcher, what if they sent someone to follow her? What if it was Dene? 

Dene had always been the loyal one, constantly happy and bubbly, even with a line of dead bodies behind her longer than Juliette’s own. Suddenly a worse thought hits her, was Dene in on the plan as well? Any of the other freaks? All of the other freaks?

There are no other options; she needs to get out of here. Now.

A knock on the door alerts her to trouble and she jumps to her feet... perhaps a bit too fast as the room seems to spin under he feet. Instantly she feels sick, her stomach churning uncomfortably and having her run for the washroom, the knock on the door no longer being the focus of her attention. 

She’d never felt this sick before, this weak. For the past few weeks it was as if her body had been rejecting everything she tried putting inside of her. It had even been an effort to keep the pills Liam had given her down, but obviously they’d still managed to work a little. How strong could her abilities have become if not for her illness? How many more people would she have killed by now?

“Juliette? Are you okay in there?”

She almost breathes a sigh of relief, recognizing Dene’s voice on the other side of the door. “Y-yeah. I’ll be out in a sec. Make yourself at home.”

“Okay, we’ll be in the kitchen when you’re feeling better.”

That one sentence pulls whatever energy Juliette had left right out of her. Dene could have come by with anybody, but she already knows who it is.

After composing herself, she heads to the living area, walking straight into the middle of the strangest conversation ever. 

“So you’re basically telling me you want to turn me into some sort of breeding machine to make more freaks? Liam, that’s fucked up.”

“Okay well when you put it THAT way of course it sounds fucked up. And you’re going to scare Juliette into thinking I’m some sort of mad scientist.” He says that last part with a sweet smile at her, the same one that used to make her melt but now she can’t even meet his gaze.

He gets up to greet her, pulling her in for a kiss as she leans away from him. He looks at her in confusion, but as soon as his arms tighten around her she realizes he knows what she knows. If there had been a chance for escape, it was gone now. There was no way he was going to let her out of his sight now.

He leans towards her again, this time to wrap her in a close hug, his lips right by her ear to whisper softly enough so only she would hear. “I take it you were a little nosey earlier in my lab?”

That wasn’t quite the way it had happened, but she still hums: “Mm-hmm.”

He sighs softly. “Play it smart... love. You can sound the alarm, but it won’t do any good. I have the house already surrounded, and Dene is still useful to us so I’d rather not have to kill her to keep you from getting away from me. Understand?”

She understands. 

Liam leads her back to the table, sitting down next to her before going back to his conversation with Dene. “Let’s get rid of the word “breeding”, please. All I’m saying is that we need to find out if what makes us different from other people is an isolated incident, or something that can be passed down to our children. If it’s the later then we need to explore the idea that we might be the next step in evolution. If so then there’s no real point in trying to null our abilities anymore.” 

“But still, having a child is a huge step. And Dani and I are no where near ready for that. Besides, I couldn’t leave Juliette like that, we’re partners, and I like to think she needs me.” Dene smiles, turning to look at Juliette. 

For a moment, Juliette is desperate. She can’t reach out to touch Dene, can’t speak out loud from fear of Liam hearing so she... well, she stared Dene straight in the eyes and pleads for her to hear her thoughts. Please, Dene, Liam is dangerous. He wants to kill me. I need your help. Dene I need your help.

For a moment Dene seems confused, but then her expression fades back to neutral, as if nothing happened. And maybe nothing did.

Nonetheless, Juliette can feel Liam’s eyes on her and knows he’s getting suspicious, so she plays along to their conversation. “You’re so right, Dene. I do need you, but if you and Mason got serious then it would give me an excuse to ambush Liam about having a  baby ourselves. I’ve always wanted to be a mother.”

“You have?” For a moment, Liam is caught off guard, but he quickly recovers. “Funny, Juliette. I never imagined you as the mothering type. You’re too volatile... quick to anger. A little dangerous, even.” 

“I thought you liked it when I was dangerous.”

“Oh I do love it when you’re dangerous.” Liam smiles, standing up and pulling her into an embrace. “And I love it when you’re mad at me. Makes you all the more beautiful.”

“Then you must find me really beautiful right now, hm?”

From her seat Dene laughs, standing up and backing away from the couple. “Okay, I’m just going to get out of here before you two start screwing right in front of me. Gosh, that would be like catching my parents in bed together. Eew.”

“You’re right, you know.” He smiles, fingers digging into her skin almost painfully. “I find you so irresistible right now.”

“You’re such a bastard.” She hisses once Dene is out of the house. “I’m going to tear you apart piece by piece, and enjoy every second of it.” 

He grins at her. “You would never lay a finger on me. You love me.”

“You mean I loved you, once. Before I realized what a piece of shit asshole you were.” 

Pulling away she punches him straight in the jaw, her fist aching in pain as it makes contact, sending him flying.

She doesn’t run, instead stays where she is while Liam recovers, shaking his head before looking up at her, the right lens of his glasses cracked from her hit. “You’re going to live to regret that, darling.”

“Doesn’t matter.” She growls, trying to ignore the pain in her hand. It’s been years since she last had to use force with someone, and she still hates it. But she won’t give Liam the satisfaction of seeing her break. “I might not be able to blow up your brain, but as you can see, I can still take you one on one.”

He lunges towards her, grabbing her by the wrist and shoulder painfully, and strong enough to keep her from being able to pull away. “Do you really think that you can beat me in a fight? You may have been a cop once but your powers have made you physically weak. You’re nothing more than a little toy I’ve been playing with, and I know your ever weak point. I could break you in a heart beat, leave you crying in a corner and wishing for death, but that’s not what the boss wants.” 

“Why are you even doing this?” She asks, trying to keep from sounding like she’s begging. “I could have killed people! Innocent people! Where’s the good in that?”

“Good is boring.” He laughs. “Crime pays, terror pays, and once the government realizes how strong an “untrained freak” can be they’ll give us whatever we want.”

“You’re a monster.”

“I’m not the one who can blow up brains, love.”

She tries to struggle but it’s no use. He lets go of her shoulder and a second later she feels a sharp prick in her side. Instantly the world goes dark and she collapses into his arms.

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