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Prologue 04

Freaks and Monsters 
Chapter Four


Daniel Mason sighs, studying the normally impenetrable building from his place in the bushes. All exits and entrances to the building were heavily guarded, and while Dene’s pass could get them in getting out again after would be a whole different story. “You sure she’ll be in there?” 

“Yes.” Dene nods. “Where else would Liam take her?”


She was right of course. On the outskirts of town, constant freak presence twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and that’s ignoring the fact that Liam was likely around. Whenever he was near, Dene couldn’t use her abilities and the fight would rest in hand to hand combat, of which neither of them excelled at. This was going to be a tough break out. 

“Dani... you don’t have to come in with me if you don’t want to.” Dene points out, wringing her hands in worry. “I can handle it.”

He scoffs. “Baby, I may not be a freak but I can still fight. Getting in’ll be easy, and assuming Juliette is still in one piece we might just be able to fight our way out. Let’s just hope Liam is out for coffee.”


Juliette wakes up slowly. Her body feels as if each limb has turned to stone, and just as heavy, her head pounds painfully, eyes barely able to open and mind groggy, but she eventually manages to get to her feet. 

Then she sees Liam and it all comes rushing back. How humiliating! Did she really let herself become so weak since joining the Freaks? She was never the hulk, but she should have been able to take on Liam! At least fight him off long enough to get away... but no. She had to be a weak little moron and get herself captured. How was she going to get out of this one without some help? There was no way Dene had heard her S.O.S so she was in this alone.


She backs away from the bars as Liam walks up to her cage, arms crossed with a look of annoyance on his face. She’d noticed the cage in his office many times, but he’d promised to never put her inside of it. It was meant for Freaks who had lost all control, and had to be detained until Liam could help them. But then again with all the other lies he’s told her why would she expect to be anywhere else?

Instead she glares at him. “What now?” 

“Well thanks to your snooping we can no longer go ahead exactly as planned, but don’t consider this a victory. I can still make you lose control. You’ve got the potential to be a real weapon, and I’ll make sure you realize it. You will hurt innocent civilians, and you will make the president aware of just what we can do. And once we have his attention I’ll enjoy watching your closest friends take you down. Maybe I’ll even send Dene in with the first wave.”


She tries reaching through the bars at him in anger, her arm getting stuck between the tight bars just short of his throat. He doesn’t even flinch, scowling at her attempts to hit him. “Please Juliette. Stop embarrassing yourself. You’re powerless against me.”

“I’m stronger than you think.” She growls back at him.

“Maybe you’re strong, but you don’t stand a chance against me. You’re just a pathetic little human around me, and I am superior. If things had worked out between us I might have been able to see you as an equal, but you’re too volatile, too dangerous. You need to be put down.”


“Don’t you dare talk to me like I’m some sort of animal.” She snarls, still struggling to somehow reach him, making every effort to keep him from seeing her frustration. “I don’t know why you’re doing this but you’ll never get away with it!”

He almost laughs this time. “I only ever showed you my most basic research. We are the next level in evolution, we are better than humans in every way but at the moment out numbers are too small to keep each ourselves safe. We need money and that’s where you come in. We show the president how dangerous Freaks can be, and we promise to keep them silent in exchange for land and diplomatic immunity. You’ll be our childrens’ matyr, the sacrifice needed to keep the next generation safe.”


Dene’s heard enough, smiling as she grabs her gun and aims it straight and Liam’s heart, whistling to get his attention. As his eyes meet hers her smile just grows wider. “I always knew you were one fucked up Freak. I’m going to enjoy this.”

He raises a hand to stop her, but his gift is defensive not offensive. She fires before he can go near her, the bullet hitting him straight in the heart and killing him instantly.


Daniel walks over to Liam’s body as Dene opens the door, releasing Juliette and hiding her surprise when the older girl pulls her in for a hug. 

“Thank you!” Juliette breathes, almost shaking in Dene’s arms. She’s never felt so weak, but for the first time she’s more than happy to have her partner here with her. “How did you know I needed help?”


Dene pulls away. “Well... you told me. When we were at your house I heard your voice in my head telling me Liam was dangerous. That he was going to hurt you and you needed my help. I knew he’d probably have back up outside so I played it cool, left, and got our own back up.”

“I didn’t realize I could do that.” Juliette admits, thinking back to that desperate attempt. How strong is she really? What else can she do now?

“I didn’t know either, but we have to go.” Dene announces, glancing over at Daniel. “Someone had to have heard that shot, and we need to get out before reinforcements can be called in.”


“I’m not going anywhere.” Juliette decides. 

“What do you mean?”

“Someone wanted to use me as a sacrifice, Dene. Our boss. If we run he’ll know you helped me and you know he’ll never let us go! If I don’t get rid of him now who knows who he’ll hurt next? Even if he does decide to let us go could you live with knowing someone else would take my spot? I can’t. You and Dani should stay here, barricade the door and I’ll come back for you when its safe. I promise.”


She meets Daniel’s eyes over Dene’s shoulder. “Hold her.”

He does, wrapping his arms around Dene’s waist as Juliette runs off. Dene struggles in his arms before looking after her partner. “Juliette! You can’t so this! It’s suicidal!” 

She gets no response.


It’s close to midnight by now, on a Saturday night and only the newest Freaks are still in the building. Jason the slider, Jessie another fire mistress, and Anna with her gift of speed. All of them are younger than Juliette by at least five years and for a moment she pities them. But they’re standing between her and the boss, and she can’t exactly let them run off and get more help...


She doesn’t kill them. Jessie goes down first, with a simple trip that sends her flying and falling unconscious on landing. Jason follows after from afar before he can use his gift of electricity against her. Juliette only locks eyes with him from across the room and tells him to sleep. 

Anna proves more difficult, but Juliette’s seen her files in Liam’s office many times. She grabs her by the hair and pulls her down, smiling in satisfaction as the girl cries out in shock. “Be a dear and tell me whose on guard duty tonight?”

Her lips say: “Never, you traitor!” 

Her mind says: Four guards on the first floor, another six should be patrolling but aren’t. Three Freaks in the mess hall and two more sleeping in the bunks in the basement. Saw the boss walking to his office five minutes ago. He smiled at me.

Juliette smirks. “Thank you, Anna. Bed time for you now, alright?”


Well, she should have seen this coming.

“Miss Johnson won’t you take a seat?” He smiles, gun pointed straight at her heart, even though they both know he doesn’t need it. Like her, he’s a psychic. She doesn’t know how strong he really is, but he could read minds without touch long before she ever joined his group. 

She swallows nervously. “I’d rather stand.”

“Suit yourself.” His eyes reach hers and she knows he can see how she took down the young Freaks. He smiles, making her stomach queasy and for a moment she isn’t sure what else he might have done while inside her brain. “If your body matches what your eyes can do we might just have an interesting altercation on our hands, wouldn’t you say?”


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